Album of WildFlowers
Photographed on the Kaminski property

Trillium Jack in the Pulpit Spring Beauty Violets
Silver Dollar Star of Bethlehem Mayapple Blackberry
St. Johnswort Sweet Pea Moth Mullein Great Mullein
Day Lily More Day Lilies Milkweed Yarrow
Cinquefoil Vetch Black Eyed Susan Queen Ann's Lace
Chicory Hawkweed Goldenrod Daisy
Honeysuckle Evening Primrose Indian Pipe High Bush Cranberry

Photo Credits
Daughter Ann: Day Lilies, Chicory, Hawkweed, Goldenrod, Jack in the Pulpit, Honeysuckle
Mary: Spring Beauty, Violets, Silver Dollar, Star of Bethlehem, Daisy, Indian Pipe, Evening Primrose, Cranberry
All other photos by Edward